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Heartland Farms Asparagus

Winter gives way to Spring and we all anxiously await the first Asparagus spears.  This tasty treat is he first offering from nature each year.  We often are eating fresh asparagus before we can plant the rest of the crops.  Asparagus season usually begins late April and runs through May. LEARN MORE»

Heartland Farms Strawberries

Farm Fresh Sun Ripened Strawberries, first fruit of the year.  Strawberries begin growing as early as late March at our farm.  They grow fast, blooming in early May with a heavenly fragrance.  Sweet Red Ripe Strawberries are begging to be picked by about early June at our farm. LEARN MORE»

Heartland Farms Pumpkins

Pumpkins and Halloween go together like kids and candy.  Thousands and thousands of pumpkins from mini size too big monsters to choose from.  Punkin Playland, Hayrides, Haunted  CornField ScareCrow’s Haunted Barn, Heart of Darkness  plus more.  Great fun for the family at our farm the entire month of October.  Group rates for business functions school groups, scouts etc. LEARN MORE»



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In The Beginning
We started growing strawberries in 1983 near the bottom of the farm crisis.  Bad times. I remember being down at the local café (where all farmers go each day) being asked what I was planting.  Told them strawberries.  Got laughs and jeers from some, smirks and silence from others, but no encouragement. Ol-timer asked where you gonna sell ‘em sonny?  Told him people would come and buy them.  More laughs. Stayed with it, learned what I could from others, adapted and made it work.  Now, 22 years later, extension horticulturists ask me questions. Times have sure changed.  One thing has never changed, probably never will, customers demand top quality and go where they get it.

Heartland Farms still strives for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. Three main seasons, Asparagus in May, Strawberries in June and Pumpkins/Halloween Family Fun in October. Times change, the tools and methods we use to grow our crop is ever changing.  Our Values have stayed the same.  Grow and offer the very best possible, do this with a smile.  Be neat, clean and organized.  Always, always refer to the Golden Rule.